Travel Guide to the trentino alto adige region

The Trentino Alto Adige region is all about mountains and wide valleys. The Region has always been separated from "real Italia" and is still closely related to the Austria. Trentino Alto Adige Region consist of two independent provinces, the Trentino (Trento Province) in the southern portion of the region and the Bolzano Province in the north. The entire region is covered by the mountain ranges of the Central and Eastern Alps, Prealps and the Italian Dolomites. The region is bordered by Austria, the Veneto Region, Switzerland, and Lombardy Region. The capital of Trentino Alto Adige Region is the Trento.

about trentino alto adige

The Trentino Alto Adige was acquired by the Italian State as part of the accords of WWI. A rich region that has had a tourism tradition since the early 1800's. This can be noted by the facilities and care the region has put into the tourism industry. Trentino Alto Adige is mostly a region known for its outdoor recreation like skiing in the winter, and hiking in the summer. As well the region is well known for Lake Garda and the water sports near Riva del Garda and Torbole.

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